Harry Whiting Brown Community Center
34 Village Square Glendale, Ohio 45246
Harry Whiting Brown
In 1994, volunteers went to the St. Edmund's Home
church camp on Chester Road (which had closed years
earlier), loaded up the St. Edmund's Boys' Chapel (built
in 190
6), and moved it a mile-and-a-half to the Harry
Whiting Brown property.
The sculpture shown here is "How
Alike I am to You”
, created in 2000
by Tim Werrell. It was commissioned
for the 2001 anniversary of the 50th
Children’s International Summer
Village (CISV), the first of which was
held in Glendale in 1951. CISV “brings
together children from all over the
globe to learn to respect different and
common values”.
“Dame de Baigneuse” was sculpted
by Étienne Hajdú in 1952. Étienne
Hajdú, also known as István Hajdú
(August 12, 1907 - March 24, 1996),
was a Transylvania-born French sculptor
of Jewish descent. The sculpture was in
the personal collection of Mary E.
Johnston of Glendale, and then belonged
to the Caroline & Charles Sawyer family
who passed it to Charles Sawyer, III.
Charles Sawyer, III gave the sculpture
to HWB in 1992. It was dedicated in
1993: the nearby plaque reads “IN
Donated by the Muir family,
“Starburst” was created in 2009 by
professional sculptor Tim Werrell
(Timothy S. Werrell), a Glendale
resident until he moved to North
Carolina in 2001. Tim has a B.A. from
Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, 1979.
“Scout Fosdick” is one of
approximately two dozen fiberglass
squirrels dispersed throughout the
village in 2005 to commemorate
Glendale’s 150th birthday.

Artist: Carolyn Cook, Glendale

Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hoop,
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson, and Dr.
& Mrs. Joseph Moravec.